Popular Local Indian Takeaway on Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch

Blue Bengal is an Indian takeaway on Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch with popularity among the locales of Emerson Park, Dagenham RM10, Rainham RM13, Upminster RM14 & Dagenham RM8, serving them with home delivery.

If it is authentic Indian that you want as your lunch or dinner, you are at the ideal spot for it. One look at our amazing menu, crafted by our veteran chefs, and you will be amused at the excellence that it protrudes. Blue Bengal has withheld the roots of Indian culture.

For starters, we have Poppadam, Samosa, Tikka and Kebab that prepare your taste buds for optimal flavour. The main dishes on our menu exist only to serve your hungry stomach and craving taste buds. King Prawn Biryani, soft rice with delicately cooked prawn, is the centre of the attraction at Blue Bengal. The smoky and tangy taste of a serving of Tikka Shashlik Masala is a close second, with lamb or chicken being options you can pick. Korma, Curry and Bhuna are dishes that act as the best partners to your main dishes. And if you are unsure of what to pick from this sea of excellence, you can try ordering one of our Set Meals, curated by us for your stomach’s best interest.

We deliver our delights to our loyal customers’ homes through our ChefOnline platform, making them more accessible for everyone to enjoy. Get a taste of one of our dishes today and brighten up your day!

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Traditional Indian Takeaway on Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch

Blue Bengal is a shining emblem of Indian culinary excellence right on Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch. As you step into the realm of our flavours, each dish narrates a story from the vast tapestry of Indian cuisine. Our commitment to authenticity ensures that patrons receive a meal and a journey through the intricate lanes of traditional Indian gastronomy.

Blue Bengal is more than just a takeaway; it's a portal to India's vast culinary universe. Located on Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch, our establishment reflects India's vibrant cultures and traditions through its dishes. Each offering is a culmination of age-old recipes, fresh ingredients, and the passion of our skilled chefs. The atmosphere at Blue Bengal is imbued with the warmth and hospitality characteristic of Indian culture, ensuring that even a simple takeaway order becomes an unforgettable experience. Join us as we continue our journey of celebrating and sharing the myriad flavours of India with Hornchurch.

Blue Bengal, located prominently on Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch, is a culinary gem that brings India's diverse and rich flavours to the fore. Every ingredient, every spice, and every recipe is handpicked and crafted to provide patrons with an authentic glimpse into the Indian culinary landscape. The rich tapestries of regional cuisines from India come alive in our kitchen, making Blue Bengal a haven for those longing for genuine Indian flavours. Our menu resonates with traditions passed down through generations, ensuring every bite is a testament to India's age-old culinary heritage. With a warm ambience and a promise of authenticity, Blue Bengal invites all to experience the true essence of India.

The Special “Curry Special” Menu at Blue Bengal

No Indian food exploration is complete without delving into the rich and varied world of curries. Blue Bengal's “Curry Special” menu is a testament to this experience. Each curry, simmered to perfection, balances spices, herbs, and ingredients in a dance of flavours. From the fiery notes of the North to the coconut-infused melodies of the South, this menu guarantees a curry experience unlike any other.

Delving deeper into the heart of Blue Bengal, one discovers the “Curry Special” menu - a treasure trove of Indian culinary wonders. Each item on this menu is a testament to the multifaceted world of Indian curries. Be it the velvety textures, the aromatic spices, or the burst of flavours with each bite, our curries transport you straight to the streets and homes of India. Drawing from their vast experiences, our chefs have curated a selection that honours famous and lesser-known Indian curries. The “Curry Special” menu isn’t just about food; it’s a narrative telling tales of regions, traditions, and the love for good food. Our team understands the nuances of delivering delicate dishes, ensuring that every curry remains unspilled and every bread retains its softness or crunch, depending on your preference. Each item is packed with care, ensuring that your dining experience at home mirrors that of our establishment.

And for our vegetarian patrons seeking an Indian vegetarian takeaway near Rainham, you’re in for a treat. The “Curry Special” isn’t just about meaty delights. It showcases vegetarian options that not only mirror the richness of Indian vegetarian culinary traditions but also ensure you're not missing out on any of the flavours. From paneer-based gravies to lentil concoctions, there’s something for every vegetarian palate.

Quality Takeaway Delivery Service Right at Your Doorsteps on Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch

At Blue Bengal, convenience marries quality. Understanding the fast-paced world and the need for quick, delightful meals, we have honed our delivery services to be top-notch. When you order from Blue Bengal, expect your food to arrive piping hot, retaining all its aromatic flavours, and delivered right to your doorsteps on Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch.

Our “Curry Special” menu at Blue Bengal is a culinary voyage into the heart of Indian cooking. The plethora of options available encapsulates the vastness and richness of Indian curries. Every curry tells a story, from the robust Rogan Josh of Kashmir to the tangy Sambar of Tamil Nadu. Our chefs, with their deep-rooted expertise in Indian cuisine, meticulously craft each dish, ensuring the balance of flavours, textures, and aromas. Vegetarians, too, can rejoice with our range of offerings. Recognising the profound history of vegetarianism in India, our “Curry Special” menu boasts a variety of vegetarian curries that don’t compromise on flavour or authenticity. Each dish is a celebration of India’s culinary diversity.

In conclusion, Blue Bengal isn't just another Indian takeaway. It's a commitment to bringing the most genuine Indian flavours to Hornchurch's tables (or couches). Whether you're a local, a visitor, or someone seeking an Indian vegetarian takeaway near Rainham, our doors and delivery services are always open, promising an unmatched Indian culinary experience. Dive into the world of Blue Bengal, where every bite takes you on a journey.

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